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Addressing the Challenges in the Education Industry with Background Screening.

The alleged sexual assault cases, in the last few years, by internal staff at high-profile schools around India have clarified the ‘real’ significance given to background screenings by the education industry. Do all educational establishments run background screening on their personnel? The definitive answer would be a “NO.” People who work closely with kids, whether it is an instructor or a volunteer, a coach or a cafeteria worker, maintenance worker or janitor, need to be subjected to background screenings before they have any interaction with the students.

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Looking beyond the resume Checklist to avoid a bad hire.

As an employer, it’s vital to select the right candidate for an organization. With increased concern regarding negligent hiring, many organizations have made background checks a mandatory process before hiring an employee. The issues created by a bad hire is far greater than firing the worker and filling the vacancy once again.