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Criminal Verification

Conducting a comprehensive criminal history verification on applicants can protect organizations from potential threats, including negative public perception. A-Check Global offers a wide range of options for checking a person’s criminal record. We personalize it according to the organization’s policies, industry compliances, legislative rules, and internal demands at the given time. We screen applicants for previous criminal convictions based on their name, nationality, address, family name, and date of birth. A complete and authenticated report containing any information regarding cases filed, date filed, charges, location, case number, current status, and the outcomes are provided to clients, exposing any potential risks before making a hiring decision. For maximum confidence and accuracy, A-Check Global offers the following checks:

Police records within the associated jurisdiction.

Court criminal records database search.

State and national database search for criminals.

International criminal records database search.

A-Check Global provides extensive coverage of a candidate’s criminal background. With this comprehensive level of check on an applicant, our customers can feel safe and secure while assessing an individual for a work role.