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In today's regulatory environment, and as members of the financial services industry, you need to be highly vigilant in the hiring process. Nothing is more important than protecting the assets of the clients who trust you. The technological advance is proving to play a critical role in maintaining the protective guard over the financial data, which is the key to unlock the vast universe before us. People work with sensitive information for the seamless functioning of the organization, and they are accountable for many economic operations involving significant assets. In the past several years, the Financial Services Industry has reaped more benefits by employment screening regulations than others.

Emphasis on screening the employees in the financial sector is helping leading organizations to work with confidence and maintain internal control over the system. We at A-Check Global help you with leading background-screening solutions to screen and hire top talents within the financial domain. We specialize in offering efficient and compliant screening solutions based on each customer's specific needs, thereby helping to mitigate risk at banks, brokerage houses, private equity firms, insurance companies, and other financial services institutions. The package of employee background screening services for the financial industry constitutes mainly of:

History of fraudulent activities in handling money

Credit verification

Professional work history in Financial Institutions

Education Verification

Employment Verification